Project Settings
The Project Settings asset contains several project-specific settings for LipSync Pro. You can find the file in your Project panel in the Rogo Digital/LipSync Pro folder, or from the Clip Editor by clicking File > Project Settings.
The default Project Settings asset is it comes in a clean installation
In the Phoneme Set field, you can assign a Phoneme Set asset to control the available Phonemes.
Under the Animation Emotions section you can add, remove or modify the Emotions that are available for use in your project. The name of an emotion can be changed by simply clicking on the name label in the list and typing, you can use the colour picker in the centre of the row to change the colour used for this emotion in the Clip Editor.
The Animation Gestures section is similar, except for Gestures. The only difference is gestures don't have an associated colour, so only the name field is included.
Warning: changing the name of an emotion or gesture will break existing references to it in LipSyncData clips and on LipSync components.
Last modified 1yr ago
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