The following are some common queries regarding LipSync Pro. If the answer to your question isn't here and you need to get in touch with us, please see the contact page.

Does LipSync work with models from [Some Software]?

Probably! If it's a 3D modelling or animation package, create your models with either blend shapes (A.K.A morph targets or shape keys) for various facial poses, or with a bone-based facial rig.
If you're using a character generator (Character Creator 3 or MakeHuman) make sure that it exports either of the above with its models, or we have official support for it (E.G. UMA 2 and MCS).

Can this generate lipsync animations at runtime?

Not at the moment. Although you can create a LipSyncData object (our animation data) through code, the AutoSync system used for automatic lipsyncing only works inside the Unity editor.

Where has the Batch Processor gone?

In LipSync Pro 1.53, the batch processor has been merged with the rest of AutoSync. You can now simply add additional AudioClips or LipSyncData clips to the AutoSync window.

Is Support for non-English languages in AutoSync coming?

There is currently a German language model available for the Montreal Forced Aligner, which can be downloaded from the Extensions Window. While we can't provide exact timeframes, support for other languages in the MFA Module is in development.
The next language available will be French, as there is a pre-existing pronunciation dictionary available for it. Support for other languages will be possible following a future update to the module.

The editor freezes when I try to run AutoSync on macOS.

Make sure you're using the latest version of LipSync Pro from the Asset Store. Versions older than 1.5 do not fully support macOS!
Make sure you've set up and are using the Montreal Forced Aligner module. The older PocketSphinx module is incompatible with versions of macOS newer than High Sierra. If you're still having trouble with it, get in touch with us!

I want to use the Montreal Forced Aligner module, but my team is split between Mac and PC. Which version should I download?

Both the Mac and PC versions of the MFA module available from the Extensions Window share the same code. The only difference is the MFA binaries included.
We make sure that Unity recognises the files as different when we update the module, so you can simply download both versions, and as long as each team member has run the AutoSync Setup Wizard, or manually configured the module themselves, the correct version will be used.

The Montreal Forced Aligner module is huge! How am I supposed to use this with source control?

The MFA application binaries are included inside the package for ease of installation, and to allow the setup wizard to locate them automatically, but they can be moved outside the project. See this section of the Installation & Setup guide for more information on this.
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