AutoSync Presets
Presets are lists of modules and settings for each, that can be run to complete a certain task. They are the simplest way of working with AutoSync3 - allowing you to start processing in just a couple of clicks using built-in presets, or create your own for complete creative control and customisation.

Using A Preset

The quickest way to get started is to execute a preset directly from the AutoSync menu. With the Clip Editor open, go to AutoSync > Presets in the Clip Editor's top menu, then click the name of any preset in the list. This will instantly start running all the modules contained in the preset in sequence using their stored settings.
If you'd like more information on each preset, or the ability to customise the preset (temporarily) before running it, you can open the AutoSync Window from AutoSync > Open AutoSync Window. Here, you can load a preset by pressing the "Load" button in the preset bar at the top. You can then edit any module's settings by selecting it in the modules list, and altering the settings in the "Edit Module" section. You can also see a description of the preset by hovering your cursor over the preset's name in the top bar.
Last modified 1yr ago
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